Webkinz Recipes - Your Webkinz Website Cookbook

Welcome to our Webkinz Recipes website.  Here you'll find loads of webkinz recipes new and old alike.  Our goal is to collect all the known recipes in webkinz world and have them available for your reference here in our little "webkinz website cookbook".  Have fun taking part by submitting new webkinz recipes not yet listed and receive special recognition here at our site!

Webkinz Recipes

Webkinz recipes are a fun, integral part of the whole Webkinz World experience.  One of the key elements of webkinz world is caring for your virtual pet by feeding him or her daily.  Kids can buy food for their pets at the W-Shop and win food by playing games. 

But, if you really want to take good care of your pet and show them how much you really love them, you can turn to webkinz recipes and give them a real treat!   With webkinz recipes you can combine the regular food in webkinz world and make special foods and drinks. The special food and drink items give more points in the way of health and happiness than what the regular items provide!

Webkinz Site of the Moment

Webkinz World and the webkinz community is such a fun and enjoyable experience with so many enthusiastic, wonderful people. Our Webkinz Site of the Moment showcases webkinz websites we find online that show the passion and creativity of webkinz fans everywhere.  Every now and then we'll showcase a new webkinz website, maybe your site will be next!

Current Webkinz Site of the Moment: The Squidoo Guide to Webkinz

How to Make Webkinz Recipes

In order to make webkinz recipes you will need to buy the appliances from the W-Shop.  The ingredients you will be using are the regular food items also bought in the W-Shop.  To begin, you need to buy a stove, a Blender, and a Sandwich Maker.  Each recipe consists of 3 food items and will only work when made by the correct appliance.  So for example, if you want to make a Blueberry Parfait then you'll need to use a blender, not a stove or sandwich maker.

After you have purchased your appliances, to use them you simply click on them to open the oven, blender, or sandwich maker window.  When the window opens, you drag and drop your three items into the window and click on the action button for that particular appliance.  BAM! If you used the correct webkinz recipe you'll see your special food item window pop up showing you what you made.

If you didn't use the correct recipe, then you'll see something like Blech, Gak, and Gunk.  Can you say YUCK!?  If you create one of these items it is NOT a working recipe and it is not fit to feed the pet you love so dearly.  C'mon, would you eat something that was named gunk?

The fun part of webkinz recipes is figuring them out and discovering new recipes for your pets!  It can get expensive after a while buying food for the recipes and failing, that is why you can always come back here to your Webkinz Website Cookbook for all your recipe needs!  Although there are a lot of funky recipe names, try using common sense as well when experimenting.  Items like the Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwich are made just like they sound... peanuts, banana, and bread. 

Have fun with your webkinz recipes and we hope that this website will be of value to you as an aspiring webkinz cook!