Webkinz Recipes Top Chef Wall of Fame

Welcome to the Webkinz Recipes Wall of Fame!  Here you will find the best chefs in all the lands of webkinz world!  To be amongst the greats here, you'll need to have submitted a new found recipe or  recipes that we did not have listed already.  After doing so, this is where you'll have your name listed and be given your Webkinz Recipes Top Chef Award.  Good luck and we hope to see your name in lights soon, or at least on this web page! =)

Top Chef Award Winners

Webkinz Fan:  binkybohboh
Submitted:  Sacchbingarings
Stove:  lollipop, peppermint, waffles

Webkinz Fan:  binkybohboh
Submitted:  Quendidot Buzzitree
Blender:   honey, salad, pink lemonade

Webkinz Fan: cgirl
Submitted: Slippamarink Sandwich
Sandwich:  bagel, ice cream cone, ice pop

Webkinz Fan:  rosiangel
Submitted:  Astormishing Sandwich
Sandwich:  bread, watermelon, jelly

Webkinz Fan:  pkittycat
Submitted:  slipnsip
Blender:  iced tea, jelly, bananas

Webkinz Fan

Top Chef Award

Congratulations to our fellow webkinz fans for being awarded the Webkinz Top Chef Award!  The fans displayed on this page submitted new webkinz recipes to our site.

Check back soon as we are designing some new awards which can be used for avatars and forum signatures.

Webkinz Fan:  Jenifers
Submitted:  Pumpkinz Pie
Stove:  pumpkin, ice cream cone, crackers

Webkinz Fan:  Jenifers
Submitted:  Marshberry Float
Blender:  blueberry, marshmellow, root beer