Webkinz Blender Recipes

Listed below is our ongoing list of webkinz recipes for your Blender Appliance.  We will continue to add to our list as often as possible.

Almond Blutrice Punch
Atomicolicious Punch
Beach Sunrise Frappe
Berribrite Blast
Blueberry Parfait
Cream Soda Float
Fruit Slushie
Health Juice
Hot Marshmallow
Icy Frosty
Mega Berry Slush
Neon Pink Smoothy
Plymouth Veggie Parfait
Quendidot Buzzitree
Root Beer Float
Shirley Templkinz
Soccer Float
Spicy Salsa
Strawberry Smoothie
Sweet N' Sour Smoothie
Trickle Treacle
Trippple Hot Chocolate
Tropical Punch
Veggie Dip
Webkinz Cookie Tornado
Wild Kiwi Sunset
Yogurt Twist Smoothie

Almonds - Blueberries - Orange Juice
Cherries - Orange - Peach
Pineapple - Orange Juice - Coconut
Cherries - Cream Soda - Dragon Fruit
Ice Cream Cone - Peanuts - Blueberries
Ice Cream Cone - Milk - Toffee
Cherries - Cream Soda - Ice Cream Cone
Cherries - Orange - Bottled Water
Carrots - Apple - Watermelon
Chocolate Bar - Marshmallows - Milk
Ice Cream Cone - Bottled Water - Watermelon
Strawberries - Blueberries - Raspberries
Chocolate Milkshake - Honey - Tacos
Cream Soda - Pink Lemonade - Dragon Fruit
Peas - Pumpkin - Baked Potato
Honey - Pink Lemonade - Salad
Cherries - Ice Cream Cone - Root Beer
Cherries - Fruit Punch - Orange
Banana - Jelly - Iced Tea
Chocolate Bar - Ice Cream Cone - Kiwi Fruit
Asparagus - Corn on the Cob - Tomato
Honey - Milk - Strawberries
Milk - Orange - Pink Lemonade
Cola - Pumpkin - Pickles
Chocolate Bar - Hot Chocolate - Chocolate Milk
Fruit Punch - Orange - Pineapple
Milk - Mushrooms - Tomato Soup
Cookies - Ice Cream Cone - Banana
Papaya - Kiwi Fruit - Coconut
Banana - Strawberry Yogurt - Kiwi Fruit

This is our current webkinz recipes list for the blender.  We will update our list on an ongoing basis as we discover more webkinz recipes.  Keep your eye out for our upcoming webkinz secret recipes list.

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